Victim To Victor Outreach Program

Victim To Victor Outreach Non Profit Organization

Kija Entertainment,Keep it hood Wood Radio & Jarich Production Presents Victim to Victor Outreach program a non profit organization. 1st annual "I Made It" performing and creative arts scholarship award. 


Must be a resident of Essex & Hudson County N.J. $250 for the High school $500 for college. Be an enrolled full time high school senior or college student studying creative or performing arts or actively apart of an community organization or affiliated with a program that teaches and showcases "art based" content (Theatre,Vocal,Poetry,Dance,Singing etc). Must be able to provide links and tags of material and must be able to perform/showcase in front of an audience In January 2019 1st Annual Keepithood Wood online radio anniversary event.

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It's Possible When you step up as you should, He'll make way

My Best friend

When you are young and with your first love you think you are ready and can conquer the world until tough times presents itself to you and you have to step up because you said you would.

My Life Savior

When I said I do I meant what I said but wasn't built as I thought I was to hold a commitment of marriage together. So when I thought I lost it all there was a little angel next to me making sure I ate & got through the emotions of losing my family

My Super Star

I had this energetic little girl and she loves cheerleading & gymnastics. I was invited to walk on the runway at the Community College & I had her and her sister walk along.Then out of no where she makes a cart wheel and smiles to the crowd and waved and my super star was born.

My Energy & Strength

I was scorned from love and trusted no one and I met this woman who jumped out of her car while I was outside with friends & told me I was going to be hers. What she's given me was joy in my heart & energy again to realize that you can win if you have something to win for.  

Unity speaks volume

Growing up in the inner city sometimes circumstances in life forces you to grow up before your time. When your responsibilities surpass your age or understanding failure is not an option.You say you love your children? Show it by doing so, not by saying.

My Rider For Life

When you love someone unconditionally you never see any flaws in them. Thomas Marquis Ritchwood Jordan was a God fearing,  loving father, husband, brother, son & friend to so many people. He was a man that loved God tremedously and his heart was full of joy and music. When he would sing his voice would bring so much energy into the room that it touched people's souls with love. My brother, my rider, was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder Stage 1 sInce he was a child from eating paint chips off the wall.The disease has taken him for a ugly ride in life but he  managed to cope for forty years, and given his family nothing but good times, love, happiness & knowledge. Always be available when a love one needs to talk and needs to express themselves to you, because depression is real and you never know what someone is going through. I love you bro & tell pops and Helen I said "What's up? See you guys soon." R.I.P.  

The Transitions

The Young Man

When you think you know it all until the fire gets hot and you rely on friends and no one there.

As a teenager I thought taking the short cut in life things will turn out alright. Following the street life got me no where but in trouble with the law. At sixteen I was already a father and taking on adult responsibilities. Lets talk about it..

The Entertainer

Funny how life places you in one situation to get you out of another. Your talent shows you your better then what you were doing. The transition takes place and it takes you on a journey, lets talk about it... 

The Working Man

It is now up to you to provide for your children with a steady income.  You took on the task of making babies so you have to take on providing for them. Lets talk about it...

The Model

When opportunity knocks you take it because you never know where it can lead. What ever you wanted to do when you were growing up and you finally have the time to do it, you take that opportunity. Lets talk about it...

The Actor

I'm sure when you were growing up you had dreams of becoming a singer, actor, pro athlete, whatever you dreamed of and you wished it came true. Just know it still can come true if you take the time out and pursue it. It's never  too late. You may hear "no" alot but, take that negative and turn it into the positive. Your Destiny is within your hands. Let's talk about it...

The Entrepreneur

When you really want to become or pursue something you will make it your business to learn about it. Just know nothing comes easy in life and no one will give you anything besides some advice. Take the advice and continue to move forward and gather more information until you have enough and put it to use. #RandyRitchwood 

I was raised with ten brothers and sisters and having my father in my life it played a very Important role in a young person's upbringing.I had children at a young age but, I stepped up to the plate to raise my children and stayed in school to develop a trade. We worked as a "unit" with my children's mothers to create stability for our offspring. 

Open Forum For DIscussion

Let's come together and try our best to resolve the issues we are having by speaking on them and coming up with a solution.The first step is talking and being honest with self so we can move forward with what we are dealing with. Whether we are dealing with love & compassion, relationships, trust, fatherhood , parenting, guidance, encouragement & motivation. 

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