Keep your composer and get thru the hard times

We know the road gets tough as we try to get to our goals in life, but just know whatever we created while not focus we brought it on our selves so it's NO excuse to get out of our ugly situation that we caused. We don't like it so it's a must we get ourselves out of it. Stay focus believe in yourself and handle your handle the goal and reward is in route.  

You are not alone along your journey

Trust & believe you have help along the way. It may not be by blood but by faith someone comes into your life for your purpose of growth and help along the way.

Friends won't allow you to fall

Don't become a failure when you know your better then what you are doing now. Friends push each other for success not failure.

You know U in the wrong direction Turn it around

You made the transition in life so dont get lazy now. Your doubles on the job pays off just like when you hug the block breaking day back in the day. No stagnant in you whatever it is let it go.

Respect your rider the one who been there for you.

Always know, those who fight you for better love you the most. They see something in you that you don’t recognize but they do. Respect those who ride with you when your on your lowest and don’t mind pulling you up the journey is yours just be thankful for the help along the way. 

You wanna know why you can't grow

When you get tired of not growing you will find your way thru your weakness that's stunting your growth. Break thru whats slowing you down and soar your way to your destination of happiness.

Nephew stop disappointing your mother

Nephew if your mother can make you happy and make sure you are good with what you ask for then you should do the same. Stop disappointing your mom and make her smile instead of frowns.

The Weakness For Money

You know better so why put yourself in a situation that may cause you your life.Trust me, your friends who place any type of weapon in your hand just to drop off something isn't your friend. #RandyRitchwood

It's up to Us to Pay Visits

Having a conversation with the youth can go a long way if you have there attention.Tell them how you've been right where they are now and what you did to get out that situation.


Thomas Marquis Ritchwood Jordan: God's Child

When you can go through issues mentally and still call on God to make a way and he answers your prayers with your voice. Continue to have joy in your heart and blame no one for your condition. Bipolar disorder is real and never take it for granted.You never know when someone is in need to talk from falling into depression. R.I.P. T.J. We love you!

Nephew Find Something Positive to Occupy Your Time

Its always something to do out there either Negative or Positive which one will you choose ?

I Apologize

When you both are busy with holding down the family and taking on responsibilities,but it's a must we take the time out to keep the home happy.