Kija Entertainment Presents The Reunion

Kija entertainment has been in the adult male exotic dance business for over twenty years. From the owner Randy (Wood) Ritchwood of Kija entertainment use to be a performer himself. This event brings the old school and new school entertainers together and have a great time entertaining adult women with a dance performance. w/ Host Wood Randy Ritchwood

Deadly Sexy The Movie

Written by Beverly Jenkins & directed by Iris Boiling. This romance film is about between two people that are about there business but one gets tangled into some mess & finds help thru a stranger that resolves it all. Featuring Randy Ritchwood & Regina Bell.  Get your copy Now On AMAZON PRIME $2.99 

One Man In Too Many Sheets $17.00

You wanna know why they rip and run the way they do? Just know it's always a reason for every thing. One man in too many sheets will keep you wondering how and why they run, enjoy the read. 

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Now I Know My Friends Are In Motion


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I want to remind you that you have moves to make and without making them moves you are not in motion as you want to be. Lets go good people I have your wristband to remind you.


Grown Folk Debate Game Board


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Grown Folk debate is a game board for adults who enjoy voicing there opinion against there component and allowing the moderator to be the judge on ho has the strongest opinion. 

Grown Folks Debate Family & Friends Game

Lets have some adult fun with family & friends. You have 30 seconds to voice your opinion which one is the strongest ?


I'm A Man In Motion T-Shirt


($5.00 shipping)

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I'm A Man In Motion T-shirt is for the man in motion and don't have time for play unless it's with family & friends, but other then that he searching for more success.

(Please email Color & Size S,M,L,XL,XX,XXX,IV,V)


I'm A Woman In Motion


($5.00 shipping)

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I'm A WOMEN In Motion T-Shirt Is for the women who don't have time for games unless it's for the family and friends who are about some thing in life. If not move out her way she has moves to make.

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I'm A Woman In Motion Rhinestones & Glitter T


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I'm A Woman In Motion Rhinestone & Glitter T-shirt just for you Queens.This T-shirt makes a statement that you are on the move and there is no stopping you at all, now lets go!!

(Colors Ts Grey,Red,Blue,Black) 

Sizes S,M,L,Xl,XX, please email size & color.