The Healthiness In You

If You Really Want It

Always know you are the one who makes the final decision if you really want to lose the weight or gain muscle.The first step is meaning what you say and preparing yourself for the battle against you defeating you. I'm not the one who eats perfect and 100% accurate on how you would look after its all done, but you will enjoy the progress and want more after your done with the assignment.The fight is in you, I'm the pusher and motivator to keep you going and to lead you into the right direction so we can win together. Team work makes the dream work! Let's Go!

Chef Randy Ritchwood The Man In Motion

Chef Randy Ritchwood From Keep It Hood w/Ya Man Wood Show wants to  have some fun in the kitchen with simple cooking. Practice makes perfect so fellas and to the single life lets show the ladies how we can create a simple meal.