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Randy (Wood) Ritchwood

My name is Randy Ritchwood, raised in East Orange, NJ. My mother Barbara Ritchwood Hill & father, Reverend Robert L Jordan were very influential in the church.They instilled in me to love family and take the responsibilities as the head of the house. I have 4 beautiful children and they are my world. I'm an entrepreneur & I enjoy listening,motivating and encouraging people of all walks of life.    


Its Your Time

We are only limited by the things that we allow to limit us. The keys to success and productivity are already in our pocket. You just need someone to show you the key and encourage you to unlock the door. 

Randy Ritchwood The Man In Motion Show (Snippet)

Always Know, Practice makes perfect if you feel it in your soul then go and give it all you got. You'll never know if you don't give it a shot. #RandyRitchwood  #TheManInMotion #RandyRitchwoodTheManInMotionShow

Preview of Deadly Sexy on Amazon Prime

Here is a Preview of Randy Ritchwood as Ham the neighborhood hustler who likes things quiet and not out of hand in Deadly Sexy on Amazon Prime.

Opposite Sex Talk LIVE @TajLoung973

Each & Every Thursday Nite Grown Folk Converstion w/Sheba Jordan LIVE Band Poetry,Singing & Grown Folk Talk w/Co-Host Wood Randy Ritchwood 

Circle Of Sisters 2019

A day at Circle of Sisters w/Randy Ritchwood & Team 

Simple Cookingw/Wood Randy Ritchwood

 Wood chops it up with his daughter Kierrah while cooking and talking about young adult hood and what they should be doing while working and trying to graduate out of college. Family time with the kids are the best times ever as you get to spend time and learn so many things as they grow you grow. in knowledge. #RandyRitchwood  

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Embrace the Future

The Real Connection

The Real Connection

The future is always yours as you continue to stay creative. You will always run into success as long as you aim high on your goals and stay with it.The mind never stops thinking, its always in motion of what you want to do or become better at. As life goes on the world changes at the same time and you either stay relevant or be forgotten about. Embracing the future is getting prepared for the future..


The Real Connection

The Real Connection

The Real Connection

The real connection is you.You are the one who has to make the movement, not them. You need what they have and that's the resources to get you where you need to be. No one is looking for you unless you have something they're interested in. If you don't get to where you need to be then it's your fault. If you want it go get it!! 


Always Know

The Real Connection

Always Know

No matter what situation you are in it's your decision to remove yourself from it especially if it's holding you back from your accomplishments. Always know you can always build with all you want out of life but it takes one step at a time, brick upon brick. Once you know how to have a balanced life your accomplishments become easier.

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